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Learn more about if the EB-3 visa for immigrant workers is right for you.

What Is An EB-3 Visa?

The EB-3 visa is a path to permanent residency, a Green Card, offered by the US government for foreign workers who make a commitment to working for US companies. This process allows foreign workers in low-demand jobs like cleaning, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and food and beverage services to live and work in the US through a US-based employer sponsor. EB-3 immigrants are also eligible to bring their families with them. This path may also lead to US citizenship after five years of continuous employment and renewal of your Green Card.

Help Solve The US Labor Shortage

US employers are looking for talent to fill a wide variety of jobs affected by labor shortages. As a foreign worker, you play an important role in filling these gaps while establishing permanent residency in the US for yourself and your family.

Build A New Life In The US For Your Entire Family

The EB-3 visa benefits your entire family. You can live and work in the US and bring your family with you, building a future full of possibilities. Benefits include:

  • Green Card opportunity for your entire family
  • Access to the US education system for your children
  • Travel freely across the US
  • Include your entire family
  • Earn in USD with top American employers
  • Build your American Dream

Who Can Apply ?

People living in the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe are eligible to apply.

  • Singles, couples, and families with children under the age of 21
  • People eager to work and enhance their skills
  • Students studying in the US and want to stay in the country
  • Parents wanting better educational opportunities for their children
  • Workers who want to build a brighter economic future for their families.
  • Anyone who wants to live and work legally in the US.

Who Is Not Eligible ?

There are eight categories of inadmissibility as set by the Immigration and Nationalization Act of the United States of America. These apply to your entire family.

  • Health reasons
  • Criminal history
  • Reasons of national security
  • Becoming a public burden
  • Reasons based on lack of labor certification
  • Reasons based on fraud or misrepresentation of information
  • Reasons based on illegal stay and/or deportations
  • Miscellaneous reasons

Who Are Our Sponsoring Employers?

We work with notable employers across the US in various industries. All employers are vetted and have an excellent track record of welcoming foreign workers to their teams.

Our Application Process

We streamline the EB-3 visa process by guiding you every step of the way. With as little as a one-year commitment to a US employer, you can gain your Green Card, establish permanent residency, and be on your path to US citizenship.

  • Apply for an available job
  • Interview for the position
  • Secure a job offer
  • Begin the immigration process
  • Move to the US
  • Begin working

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