Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions about our EB-3 visa services.


Who owns and operates United City?

Carly Tran is the founder of the United City family of companies. Carly is an experienced mortgage professional with first-hand experience with the immigration process as part of an immigrant family.

Who regulates you?

As a recruitment company, we do not have any regulatory boards. However, all lawyers we work with are licensed by their states’ corresponding bar associations.

Process Questions

Can I apply for the EB-3 program while living in the US?

If you are in the US legally, you can apply for an EB-3 visa. You must ensure you maintain a legal status during the entire EB-3 application. If you must return to your home country, you can continue the process outside the US as consular processing.

If I’m currently in the US, can I leave the country while in the EB-3 process?

We recommend that you stay in the country as long as you can do so legally. This is especially important as you move into phase 2 of the EB-3 process. Entering and exiting with a tourist visa can complicate the process.

Can I work in the US while applying for the EB-3 process?

You are eligible to work as long as you are doing so legally and have the authorization to do so. Working in the country illegally will jeopardize your application.

Arrival In The US

Will you help me find housing and other resources in my settlement location in the US?

United City stands with you every step of the way. We will connect you with local agencies and resources for a wide variety of needs, including housing, schooling, transportation, banking, and more, to make your transition as seamless as possible

Can I travel within and outside of the US before my year's work commitment has been met?

You may travel freely within the US during your year of permanence. You may travel outside of the US as long as your travel does not exceed 180 days.

Can I work another job on an EB-3 visa?

You may work a second job as long as your sponsor approves.

Must I arrive with my entire family, or can I come to the US first, and they come later?

If you are applying with your family, the entire family must arrive together. This will begin generating your entire family's Green Cards and Social Security Numbers.

What if I decide not to fulfill my one-year work commitment?

Ending employment before your year commitment may result in the revocation of your visa if your sponsor chooses to do so. Therefore, it is vital to fulfill your commitment. Not doing so can jeopardize your status in the country and affect your path to citizenship.

About United City

United City is a fully integrated network of companies helping families achieve their American Dreams. From mortgage lending to real estate and home construction to visa services, we strive to make our clients’ vision of home a reality every day.